We offer quality ready mixed concrete for every application.By using premium ingredients we produce concrete that meets or exceeds CSA standards. Some of our most popular mixes are listed here:25 MPA Wall Mix

  • -designed to be used on walls and grade beams
  • -easily pumped

Sulfate Resistant

  • -concrete that is in direct contact with the earth should be sulfate resistant
  • -most building codes require sulfate resistant concrete in piles and footings

Exterior Flat Work

  • -driveways, sidewalks, steps and garage floors require a special mix to help with the harsh elements they will face
  • -this is a 32 MPA mix with an air entraining admix to create a high strength, very dense concrete that resists the damages of our freeze-thaw cycle
  • -proper placing and finishing procedures must be followed as well as proper curing

Basement Floor Mix

  • -designed to set quickly with less bleed water for better finish

Specialty Mixes

  • -we offer coloured concrete and exposed aggregate mixes for decorative applications such as patios, decks, steps and curbs

Eastcrete stocks many additives to customize any mix to meet your job site requirements:

Water Reducers and Plasticizers

  • Allow for a workable mix without the addition of water; additional water decreases strength and will cause additional cracking.


  • We can speed up the set time of your concrete for time sensitive projects to allow for early access or to help out set times in cold weather.

Cure and Seal

  • We carry concrete sealer. This should be applied to freshly placed concrete as soon as possible. It will help to properly cure the concrete and give you a stronger pad. Sealers can also be used as a general maintenance on driveways, garage floors, patios and sidewalks. By applying sealer every couple of years you can extend the life of your concrete.

Evaporation Retarders

  • This chemical can be sprayed on wet concrete in hot and windy conditions to prevent the surface from drying too quickly – you should NEVER spray water on a pad as it will cause many issues such as dusting, scaling and cracking.


  • Hardeners are usually used in industrial floor applications for a floor that is more abrasion resistant than plain concrete. It comes as a shake on powder with small aggregates that is worked into the surface and is available in several colours. There is also a liquid hardener that is added at the plant. It offers similar results with less labour but no colour.


  • We carry two types of fibers. Micro fibers are used to control shrinkage cracking by providing three dimensional reinforcing as your concrete cures. These fibers are very difficult to see and do not affect the look of the finished job. Structural fibers are designed to replace rebar in some applications and are a great addition to rebar in most cases. They offer three dimensional reinforcing and will not rust. Like rebar, these fibers are about two inches long and after finishing, some may stick up out of the surface. They are easily removed with a torch or just simply let them wear away.